Hmong Tale: The Orphan

Hmong people are certainly one of the most distinguished, well-known ethnic groups in Laos. Their story is about the difficulty of being a minor ethnic group in a country mainly inhabited by Lao. There is a reoccurring theme throughout Hmong oral literature that describes an orphan who overcomes harassment through hard work and later becomes a leader. This theme of an orphan stands as a powerful symbol for the Hmong people themselves – who are left without a country to call their own, but survive wherever they go. This visual story aims to contribute to a greater understanding of the Hmong people in order to help preserve their distinct history, fascinating rituals, and unique traditions.


Courtesy of Fair Trek Laos

Director I Producer: Cyril Eberle

Director of Photography: Cyril EberleAaron Minks

1st Assistant Director I Photographer: Kyle Wagner

Editor I Colourist: Ka Xiong

Executive Producer: Kathy Eow I Fair Trek

Music: Lao Hmong musicians