Waiting For The Moon

Lao folk music, known as Lam, is improvised singing that is typically accompanied by the Khene, a mouth organ instrument. It is closely related to that of the Siamese, and it is popular both in Laos and Thailand. Some ethnomusicologists believe that Laos is a country where the ancient art music of the Khmer people has been best preserved – as well as diverse forms of folk music related to the oldest types of Indian music, music that has largely disappeared in India itself. This very old Lao song, Waiting For The Moon, has been recorded at Maison Puang Champa, Luang Prabang. Name of song in Lao: Khup Sa Lam Sam Sao Khoy Chan.


Courtesy of Maison Puang Champa

Director I Director of Photography: Cyril Eberle