Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cultural Media Library?

The Cultural Media Library is a collective of filmmakers, photographers, travelers, researchers and cultural advisors who all share a common passion for cultural diversity in Southeast Asia. Our aim is to share and preserve cultural heritage through story-driven documentary films. These films are carefully curated and accompanied by supplemental research before being presented on our digital platform. All submitted content is subject to review by a group of experts and supported by additional information. Filmmaking workshops will be held regularly across Southeast Asia to encourage and empower local filmmakers.


What is your mission?

The mission of Cultural Media Library is to facilitate pride in the ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity in Southeast Asia by sharing these unique stories on our platform. We aim to empower communities in the region and encourage stories to be managed and determined by people native to the region. This is crucial for ensuring cultural vitality, but also encouraging these communities to freely develop at a pace that best suits them.


How does the platform support itself?

The Cultural Media Library is currently self-funded by its co-founders, non-profit organizations, tourism agencies, and with the enormous help from our volunteers within Southeast Asia. We receive financial support through our Cultural Partners in order to sustain basic costs of the Directing the Documentary workshops and maintenance of the platform.


Can I use this platform on my smartphone or tablet?

The Cultural Media Library works best with the mobile version of Chrome or Safari.


Does this platform work in all browsers?

The Cultural Media Library is optimized to be fully compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.


Do I still own my film and content?

Absolutely! You will always retain 100% of the rights to your content. When you share any content to Cultural Media Library, you are simply giving us permission to host your film, photographs and supplementary text. Full details will be attributed to your content if it is featured anywhere on our platform. For more details, please read our Terms of Service.


Will my film be protected?

We take intellectual property rights seriously. By default, we disable the ability for anyone to rip or download any images or video from your submitted stories.

If you are still uncertain if your film will be protected, please contact us below.


Can I use a watermark on my film?

This is entirely your decision. However we feel that watermarks compromise the aesthetic quality and power of your film. As previously explained, we do everything in our power to make sure your story is protected. With this in mind, we have made a conscious decision to not feature any stories that contain watermarks.


What are the guidelines for submitting my film?

The duration of your film should not exceed 7 minutes. The format must be 1920 x 1080 at 25fps. The compression is H264 with a minimum of 15.000 kbs/sec. For more information, please view Compression Guidelines on Vimeo.

Please upload your movie via DropBox or WeTransfer before submitting.


Can I submit photographs with my film?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to submit supporting photographs with your film. However, these will be reviewed and potentially chosen to support your story.


How do you select featured stories?

Our team carefully selects exceptional stories to be featured on our homepage each month.


Can anyone share a story?

Of course! We encourage anyone to use our platform to share their story with the world.


How can I become a partner?

Our unique platform depends on support in order to continue holding free Directing the Documentary workshops in Southeast Asia for aspiring filmmakers to attend.

We have developed attractive Cultural Partner packages. Please contact us below for more details.


How can I become a cultural advisor?

If you believe that you can add to our growing community of passionate storytellers, please contact us below.


I have ideas, where do I send them?

The Cultural Media Library is a very dynamic platform and we would love to hear how we can can improve our services for you. Please send us your comments and suggestions by contacting us below.